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Table tennis (Ping pong)

Play ping pong in Montreal!


ping-pong1Here are a couple of details about the Fall session

  • Begins Monday, October 17
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Every Mondays, always at the same place
  • 90mn from 7:30pm to 9pm
  • Easy and free parking
  • Level: recreative
  • Fees: 70$ + tax per player



Table tennis

  • Equipement: 2 ping pong tables
  • Number of players: 8
  • Beginning: Players come at 7:30pm and begin warming up.
  • Season game: When players are ready, single season games are played. There will be a little ranking! 🙂
  • Free games: After the season games, players wil play free double games.
  • The activity will end at 9pm.


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Contact us at 514-433-7734 or by email at to get very details.

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