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Why you should join the MFSL

A high quality service

Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League (MFSL) staff work as much as possible to provide the best services. Thanks to the serious of our people, you might benefit of the following advantages:

  • Match de la Ligue amicale de soccer de MontréalEvery games are refereed;
  • Fields ALWAYS have nets;
  • We try to make every games take place at the same convenient location.
  • Games will never start later than 9pm (except for turf). You’ll never play in the middle of the night;
  • Standings are updated within a day or two of your game;
  • We only allow teams who play with a positive attitude (fair play);
  • We’ve organized discounts on soccer gear with our commercial partners;
  • The price is right!
  • You will be refunded if you want it (injuries, etc.) if you ask till one week after your fist game

Hope to see you on our pitch in the near future!


Great referees

MFSL is more than 15 referees. Most f them refereed at high levels. So, you have the insurance that won’t be tolerated :

  • Les arbitres de la LASM, toujours à votre service!dangerous behaviours
  • bad agressivity
  • insults
  • fights
  • cheaters
  • Every no fair-play act

Thanks of the referees, most of the games are peacefull.

Don’t forget referees are humans and can make mistakes. That’s the game! If there is a problem, go to see the ref at half-time or athe end of the game with your captain.

Note: Referees make this job because they love it. Not for money.

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