Framestore2Fall is coming and it is time for soccer play-offs!

Play-offs will begin next week, Monday, September 19! Look at your schedules here.

Don’t forget our specific play-off rules and that the winner of each group qualifies for a final tournament (the winning team does not win anything). It is only the winner of the final tournament, in his own category, who wins the gold medals,$100 discount on the next registration… and the pic with the Cup!

Good luck!


Specific rules for play-offs and the final tournament

  • One boy or girl must always be on the field (except masculine leagues).
  • Players who received one red card or two yellow cards during the regular season can’t play play-offs
  • It is strictly forbiddent to get new players but if you have too many injured players. Then, you might have two subs
  • You must arrive in time elsewhere you will lose.
  • Only winners of this tournament win the Cup and the medals.
  • If one team gets more than 2 yellow cards or 1 red card in the same game will be automatically disqualified!


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